Elden Ring – All 12 Sacred Tear Locations

Sacred Tears are a Consumable Item in the Elden Ring. This is a very special item that allows you to upgrade the Crimson and Cerulean Flask Potency. Sacred Tears are almost always in churches, though not every church houses one. Here is a list of locations where you can get it

Third Church of Marika, Mistwood

Callu Baptismal Church, Weeping Peninsula

Church of Pilgrimage, Weeping Peninsula

Fourth Church of Marika, Weeping Peninsula

Church of Irith, Liurnia of the Lakes

Bellum Church, Liurnia of the Lakes

Church of Inhibition, Liurnia of the Lakes

Second Church of Marika, Altus Plateau

Stormcaller Church, Altus Plateau

Church of the Plague, Caelid

Church of Repose, Mountaintops of the Giants

First Church of Marika, Mountaintops of the Giants