Elden Ring – How to Get Rotten Breath, Overpowered early game Incantation

Today I will show you how to get Rotten Breath Incantations in elden Ring. With this Incantation you can easily kill almost all enemy and boss by spewing a toxic and rotten breath instantly. The rotten effect is really powerful that can decrease enemy health for certain duration.


This Incantations can be found at Cathedral of Dragon Communion with cost of 1 Dragon Heart. You can easilly get a Dragon heart by kill Elder Dragon Greyoll at Caelid using bleed weapon.


It should be noted to use Rotten Breath Incantations you must have at least 15 Faith and 12 arcane also 36 FP, so make sure to increase your mind to perform this Incantation for a longer duration and carry more Flask of Cerulean in your inventory to refill your FP.

Since the animation for doing this Incantation is a bit slower, make sure to know the best time to do it, the good thing is that you can perform this Incantation while riding a Torrent