Elden Ring – Nagakiba Build // Level 50 // Early Game // Bleed Builds // Guide & Showcase

In this build I will use Nagakiba as my main weapon and use Bloodflame Blade incantation to increase your blood lost build, if you looking for early game build that can dealing tremendous damage by injecting blood loss build up more faster, then this video is fo you.

Ash of WarAsh of War: Double Slash
Seal Finger Seal
IncantationBloodflame Blade incantation
Talisman 1Carian Filigreed Crest
Talisman 2Shard of Alexander / Warrior Jar Shard
Talisman 3Lord of Blood’s Exultation
Talisman 4Rotten Winged Sword Insignia / Millicent’s Prosthesis
ArmorRonin’s Set 
StatusVigor: 20
Mind: 20
Endurance: 17
Strength: 18
Dexterity: 22
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 12
Arcane: 10