Phoenix Point – 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Playing Phoenix Points in Legend mode is very challenging, with less resources, less experience points and tougher enemies. So be ready to get your ass kicked by the enemy.

In order to survive in the game we need to learn what technique and strategy to win the game. After doing some experiment with the game itself, then I started the game all over again and applied the techniques I learned.

Today i will share what i wish i knew before i start Phoenix point Year one edition, so if you have a hard time to enjoy the game because is to though for you, i hope this video will help in order to survive from pandoran army. So let’s get startted

Manufacturing/Recover Vehicle

Vehicles are the most formidable equipment in combat, such as Armadillo and PX Scarap can transport up to 4 soldiers to distant places. The soldiers while in the vehicle will not be affected by mind control, disoriented, burning, virus, poison also panic. But there is also a disadvantage, that it cannot move if the vehicle get hit by Goo and has limited ammo.

So it’s very helpful to have a mechanic in your team to repair damage while in battle. also have a goo repeller in every soldier. Having a vehicle in every mission makes it easy for me to win the battle especially in legend mode.

Manufacturing/Stealing an aircraft

Having more than one aircraft in early game can open up many opportunities to be recognized by other factions, to gather resources and Can help people from dying as, we know if the world population bellow 20% the game will end. However to manufacture aircraft in early game is really expensive and took time, so the best way is to steal it from other faction.

It’s quite challenging fight, in order to win the fight and capture the aircraft you need to bring a vehicle, a mechanic and some medichine.

My favorite aircraft is thunderbird from new jerico because it’s has large capacity and a good speed.

Manufacture Purification Grenade

Purification grenade save me a lot of time especially when I want to secure the base from pandoran army or to kill the spawnery.

Because the burning effect is very effective to injure Pandora enemy. The damage will increase if they continue to walk in the fire area. take a notice this method not as effective when it come with forsaken enemy.

To get purification granade quickly, apart from doing research, is to do side missions or help other factions to save their base from the enemy, after you get purification granade you can do reverse engineering before you can make it by yourself. I advise you to create more fabrication plants so that you can produce one grenade in just 1 hour.

Learn Enemy weakness

Every enemy has its own weakness, and the best method i use is to destroy their weapons, because they become uselless if their weapon is destroyed. although some of them still can attack with their bare hands, trowing a granade or spitting out of poison. but if the soldier stay inside the vehicle it will be fine. and if the weapon is really hard to destroy i can just disable their hand so they can’t shoot when they use two handed type of weapon like shotgun or sniper. if you have Destiny III a laser weapon owned by the heavy soldier, It’s quite easy to destroy enemy weapons

One weapon that i often use to beat scylla for example is a virus rifle from Anu, it’s quite effective to make panic to the enemy so they will lost will power and unable to take any action to attack.


Last but not least knowing how willpower work are essential in phoenix point, When s soldier having a lot of willpower they can perform their best self in the battle field, but when a soldier lose their willpower they easilly get panic and cannot perform their abilities. To recover willpower you can simply kill the enemy, another method is to recover so the soldier will skip their turn in the battle in order to increase their will.

For more than 200h of gameplay, make no mistake Phoenix point is the best strategy game I play in 2021. Find the best way to win the game is so rewarding for me. although I had to repeat the game a few times to find out.

Bring a Vehicle in the battle, have mutiple aircraft, Learn Enemy weakness and how willpower work always save me during though fight agains pandoran army.

I hope this video will help you to survive if you want to start playing the game for the first time.