Phoenix Point – 7 Best Weapons

Weapon in phoenix point plays a major role to win the battle against pandora’s army. There are many weapons to choose from depending on what class the soldier belonged to. I will give my own opinion on what is my favorite weapon in phoenix point.


Disciples of Anu Shredding Shotgun, it has the highest shotgun damage in the game.

Damage: 35
Shred: 8
Burst: 8


Disciples of Anu Virus Rifle, can inject viral damage, effective to deal with scylla.

Damage: 20
Virus: 5
Burst: 8

Destiny III

Phoenix Laser array, the most accurate weapon and has long shooting range.

Damage: 80
Burst: 3

Scorcher AT

Phoenix Laser Auto Turret, Highest damage per strike and can be manually control by different technician soldier.

Damage: 60
Burst: 8


Ancient tech Sniper Rifle, it has the highest sniper damage in the game.

Damage: 180
Piercing: 80


Ancient tech two-handed melee weapon, highest melee damage in the game. Can perform melee attack against an adjacent enemy.

Damage: 300
Piercing: 30


Ancient tech grenade launcher, effective to tear down enemy body and armor.

Blast: 90
Sherd: 30

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