Phoenix Point – Beginner Guide: 8 Tips and Tricks

If you are playing phoenix point for the first time, you should definitely start with a new Tutorial and find out how the game works, there are many game mechanics that need to be learned to help you win the battle against pandoran army. Today i will show you the beginner guide how to play phoenix point for the first time.

Basic of Combat

In the beginning of the game you start with 4 soldiers, one aircraft and a base, from here you start using an aircraft to explore the geoscape for trade, collect resources and carry out missions.

The game is a turn-based strategy, you can deploy up to 8 soldiers on the battlefield and each soldier is given 4AP in every turn, you can spend your AP to do some action like a move from tile to tile, healing, attack, overwatch and performing your abilities.

To move tiles to tiles you can spend 1 until 4 action points, you will see the tiles start to change color if you move further, blue color means you can do attacks after you move with your weapon, yellow color means you can’t do any action after you move. To do healing you need to spend 2 AP and to attack the enemies you need to spend 1-3 Action points depending what weapon your are using.

One of the key feature in Phoenix point is you can do free aim mode to hit enemy body part, such as you can disable the head to reduce enemy will point, disable the arm to make the enemy unable to attack you or disable leg to reduce their movement range. You can also destroy enemy weapon with free aim mode.
You can use excess AP to set the overwatch to shoot enemies during their turn. Overwatch will be triggered by any enemy that steps into the overwatch cone that you set up.

Soldier Ability

There are up to 7 different classes of soldier available in Phoenix Point, and each soldier has 7 class ability that can be unlocked upon reaching a certain level. However, not all abilities are equal, some are more powerful than others.

You need to spend Skill Points to unlock the abilities, the more higer level ability the more expensive it will be. You can get Skill point to leveling up your character by doing a mission. Another way to level up your character faster is by building lots of training facilities in one base and placing your low-level soldier in it.

It should be noted that you need to spend your willpoint to perform your abilities, if you don’t have enough willpoint then you can’t perform your abilities and need to replenish it by killing enemies or do recover.

Each soldier also has 3 random Personal perks that can support and make them stronger on the battlefield, take notice that this perks is purely derived from the soldier itself and cannot be manufactured. So make sure to recruit soldiers who have special perks that support their class. Each soldier can also do multi class with another class to maximize their potential


This is probably the most important thing in the game, as we rely on other factions to trade, exchange resources and recruit a soldier.

It should be noted that you cannot trade if your relationship with a faction is below 0, so make sure to help the faction to improve relations with them by doing some Diplomacy missions and take advantage of the offered benefits.


To progress through the game, research is a very important element. Apart from doing main research, there are also many additional research projects to unlock cool things in the game.Research allows the development of new facilities, weapons, and equipment to help in the constant battle for survival.

To speed up your research project you can build lots of research labs in your base, alternatively you can also steal research from other factions, with the cost of your relationship with them going down

Build your Base

The base is your stronghold containing all facilities, as well as vital resources such as food, materials, and tech. You can repairing your aircraft and vehicle by building vehicle bay, Build medical bay to heal your soldier and leveling up your soldier by building training facility. also increasing your soldier capacity by building living quarters facilities.

In the begining you only have 1 main base, along the way you can increase your base around the globe.
Some facilities, such as the Vehicle Bay and Energy Generator are already present when the base is discovered.


You can manufacture weapons, armor, equipment, and vehicles by building a Fabrication Plants facility. Different items require different materials to produce so make sure you have enough resources available to manufacture something.

Most of the items require a certain amount of time to be produced. You can increase manufacturing speed by building lots of Fabrication Plants facility in your base. Simple items, such as ammunition and medikits are produced instantly. You can also scarp items, reverting them back to raw materials, if you don’t need them.


The Geoscape represents the current world and all known locations. From here you can access all strategic location as well as move your aircraft throughout the globe. You can explore areas of interest, do missions and trade.

Time ONLY flows and can be controlled from the Geoscape. When a new event is taking place, a tactical mission is playing out, or you are in another part of the game, the time is paused automatically and must restarted from the Geoscape.

The mist represents the progression of the Pandoravirus as it spreads throughout the globe. Progressing with time, it covers the lower terrain, first becoming a spawning point for Pandoran colonies within it. Missions that take place in the mist are more challenging with greater numbers of enemies. You can build Mist Repeller Facilities to slowly pushed the Mists back around the base location.


There are up to 3 different factions in the game such as the New Jericho, Disciples of Anu and Synderion, which have different ideologies in dealing with the pandoran army, because of that you will see where they are attacking not only with alien but also each other, you can decide which faction you want to help, for example you can attack the facilities of one faction which results in them hating you but on the other hand the other faction will help you with your research and reveals locations of their Havens.

Each faction will offer series of Diplomacy missions. Completing these missions will allow you to get in better relations with them and take advantage of the offered benefits. The higher attitude you have towards them, the more benefits you can get, conversely the less attitude you have, then you can’t Trade or Recruit from Haven Leaders, even worse they will start attacking you if your attitude is bellow -75 or at war.