Phoenix Point – Heavy Sniper Build Guide & Showcase // Early Game [Heavy + Sniper]

Today i will show you on how to create Heavy-Sniper Build. In this build, I will use Heavy class combine with sniper class and utilize quick aim ability.

If you’re looking for a build that can deal tremendous damage in the early game, then you’ve come to the right place. so let’s get started.

Heavy Class

With Heavy class you can be proficent with heavy weapons such as Heavy Cannon or Machine Gun and take advantage of Inspire’s passive ability to replenish soldier will point.

Heavy CannonFor weapon i like to use Heavy Cannon because it can deal tremendous damage also have Shock effect that can easily daze the enemy and if your soldier has a biochemist perk, you can use a machine gun so you can maximize the impact of this perk by injecting the virus effect.
InspireWith Inspire passive ability you can grants your allies 1 additional Will Point when kiling the enemy. Really Useful to replenish WP of the other operatives in the squad by attacking low level enemies or killing small enemies such as worms, eggs and Mindfraggers.

Sniper Class

For multiclass soldier, we can choose sniper class so we can perform quick aim ability

Quick aimWith quick aim ability you can reduce action point cost of the next shot by 1 when using a proficient weapon. with 3 will point cost, you can perform Hel II heavy cannon attack using 2 AP.Very powerfull ability to support this build
Phoenix Sniper ArmorFor armor you can use Phoenix Sniper set to increase your accuracy, such as Phoenix Sniper Helmet with +8% Accuracy, Body Armor with +4% Accuracy, and Leg Armor with +4% Accuracy.


We can also use vehicles for transportation and prevent our soldiers from being hit by the enemy. It should be noted you need to spend 2 AP just to get out of the vehicle itself.

in the early game, I suggest you to demolish one of your facilities that are not important like access lifts to get more resources to produce the vehicles, or if you are lucky you can get a vehicle by doing some exploration

How it Work

The way this build works, you basically use a vehicle to get close to the enemy, get out and use the quick aim ability to reduce the AP cost of the heavy cannon weapons and hit the enemy at close range, it can deal a lot of damage which is instantly kill or at least daze the enemy. after that return back to your vehicle, go to another enemy location and do the same technique with other soldiers.

Soldier Perks

There is Additional traits that can support this build and make them stronger on the battlefield, So make sure to recruit soldiers who have special traits that can support this build.

RecklessWith Reckless you can gain 10% bonus damage dealt and -10% accuracy.
StrongmanYou can gain heavy weapons proficiency with +20% accuracy and -15 perception, +2 strength.
BiochemistMaking your attacks also deal 1 virus damage (per bullet), I suggest you to use a machine gun to maximize the impact of this perk.

You can apply this build to all of your soldier the more the better.