Phoenix Point – How to get Destiny III // The most accurate ranged weapon

The Destiny III, Phoenix Laser array is the most accurate ranged weapon in the game, very powerful and has the longest shooting range, a very good weapon to hit enemy body part or destroy their weapon
To get this weapon you have to complete 3 different research project.

  • 1. First is to complete Laser Technology from Synedrion.
  • 2. Second is to complete the Technician Development research from New Jericho.
  • 3. After you do both research, Advanced Laser Technology will unlock, finish it and you will get a destiny III laser weapon to produce.

since you can’t detect line of fire with this mounted weapon, the best way to detect a line of fire is by using your regular weapon and you will see a thin line if it’s a good position to shoot, it’s sould be noted you need to wear heavy body armor to use this mounted weapon and also this weapon is limited to use 1 shot per turn.