Phoenix Point – Snipers Class Guide & Ability Showcase

Sniper is my favorite Class in Phoenix Point. They can deal high damage per shot at long distances. Very accurate and precise in injuring enemy body parts. Sniper class are soldiers who are proficient in using Sniper Rifles and Pistols weapons. let’s explore what abilities the sniper class can do

Sniper Class

Sniper TrainingEvery sniper soldier starts by having Proficiency with Sniper Rifle and Pistol, to perform an attack using a sniper rifle a soldier requires 3 action points, and 1 action point if you attack using a pistol.
Extreme FocusOverwatch cost is reduced by 1 Action Point. That’s mean you can do overwatch only with 2 AP. It can reduce the cost of overwatch to 0 AP if the weapon only costs 1 AP to shoot, so it is very common to use this skill to setup a free overwatch with a handgun.
Quick AimThe Action Point cost of the next shot with a proficient weapon is reduced by 1
New ClassChoose a secondary class to train in.
Master MarksmanAccuracy with proficient weapon is increased by 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles
Weak SpotDisabling a body part also removes that body part’s armor
Marked For DeathMark an enemy target. Increases damage suffered by the target by 10 from each hit until the end of the turn.

Soldier Perks

ThiefThieft is powerful passive ability, a soldier who have this traits will have Additional 25% to stealth.
FarsightedThe soldier that has Farsighted traits has Additional +2 to Willpower and 10 Perception range


HeavyThe soldier can use Jet Jump to reach a higher ground also perform quick aim to reduce AP cost when using a proficient weapon.
InfiltratorsPerform Sneak Attack to increase damage with sniper up to 50%
AssaultUsing dash, Rapid Clearance and quick aim ability to reduce AP cost when using a proficient weapon.