Phoenix Point – Stealth Heavy Build Guide & Showcase [Infiltrator + Heavy]

Hello everyone, in this post i will show you on how to create Stealth build in Phoenix Point, In this build, I will use infiltrator class combine with heavy class, and use destiny 3 laser weapon that has high accuracy and a long shooting range to kill the enemy from a distance while being stealthy.

This build is quite opposite with terminator build, instead of killing enemies at close range, you can kill them from a really far away. it’s a really fun build to try, so let’s get started

Infiltrator Class

For Infiltrator class we need to use sneak attack, vanish and deploy decoy ability.

Sneak Attackwith sneak attack you can increase the damage up to 50% while undetected, very powerful pasive ability to increase any attack damage.
Vanishif the soldier already detected, we can use vanish ability, this ability make the soldier move within 5 tiles and dissapear from view for the next turn, if this ability is activated, the soldier can also avoid enemy overwatch and return fire. We can use this ability combine with sneak attack so you can easilly increase the damage of your attack.
Deploy DecoyWe can use deploy decoy to distract the enemy from hitting us, to use this ability you need to spend 1 AP and 4 WP. it’s should be note the decoy only last for one turn
Spider Drone PackSpider drone pack is optional, with this ability you can deploy up to 3 drone in one action, we use this tool to distract and detect enemies location without beeing spotted

Heavy Class

For Heavy class we can use destiny 3 laser weapon and perform jet jump ability

Destiny IIIWith Destiny 3 laser weapon you can hit the enemy from really far away, the special thing about this weapon, it’s highly accurate and has a long shooting range. however we can’t detect line of fire with this weapon. The best way to detect a line of fire is by switching with your regular weapon and you will see the thin line if it’s a good position to shoot, and it should be noted this weapon is only limited to use 1 shot per turn.
Jet JumpWe can use jet jump to get a better position for sniping, when equip the heavy armor we also can use mounted weapon and get some armor boost to reduce the damage when the soldier gets hit by the enemy.
InspireOptional ability that i recommend to have is inspire, with this ability, you can replenish other operatives will point while killing the enemy.

Body Augmentation & Mutation

Echo HeadWith Echo Head augmentation can Make All of your weapon attacks silent.
Shadow LegsShadow legs mutation can Increase your stealth by 30%

Soldier Perks

ThiefA soldier who has a thief trait is suitable to choose when recruiting a soldier. Since they were stealthy all the time, with this trait they will gain 25% bonus stealth and +1 speed.
BombardierIt will Gain mounted weapon proficiency with +20% range and +10% damage, so we can increase damage of destiny 3 laser weapon with this perk.
WillPointI recommend you to invest enough will point so that you can perform vanish, deploy decoy ability and jetjump in every turn.
StrengthSince the infiltrator is really vulnerable soldier I recommend you invest in strength points as well to increase your health.

Weapon & Armor

Arachni SP IWe use Synedrion spider drone to distract and detect enemies location without beeing spotted.
Synedrion Infiltrator armorI recommend to use armor that can increase stealthiness such as Synedrion Infiltrator armor, so the enemy have a hard time to detect you, because you have to wear heavy armor to use a mounted weapon, the ideal range stealth for this build can be 10% – 35%, as long your stealth is above 5%, you will be fine.

You can apply this build to all your squads, the more the better because they don’t depend on each other and can fight alone.