Phoenix Point – Top 10 Most Broken Abilities

There are up to 7 different classes of soldier available in Phoenix Point, and each soldier has 7 class ability that can be unlocked upon reaching a certain level. However, not all abilities are equal, some are more powerful than others.

Today i will show you my top 10 abilities in Phoenix point which I think are very powerful to help me dominate the battlefield.

Jet Jump

First is Jet Jump ability, you can jump up to 20 tiles for 3 AP and 2 WP when use Heavy Body Armor, and Heavy class are the only operatives capable of using the jet jump ability without a chance to fumble.

What I really like about this ability is that it can neglect speed as well as your weight to jump, really suitable especially when used for scavenging missions.


Inspire passive ability from the heavy class, it will grants allies 1 additional Will Point when kiling an enemy. Really Useful to replenish WP of the other operatives in the squad by attacking dying enemies or killing small enemies such as worms, eggs and Mindfraggers.

Quick Aim

Quick Aim ability from the sniper class, it will reduce action point cost of the next shot by 1 when using a proficient weapon. with 3 will point cost, you can perform a sniper attack using 2 AP.

So with 6 will point to spent in every turn you can do 2 times sniper attack to the enemy. Very usefull if you combine with heavy class that have same action point cost for their weapon.


Onslaught ability from the assault class, With 2 AP and 4 willpoint to spent. You can recover 2 AP to your allies within 10 tiles range, which really helps your squad in adapting to changing conditions on the battlefield. it should be noted this ability are only Limited to one use per turn, usefull to increase your survavibility.

Rapid Clearance

Rapid Clearance ability from the assault class, it will Recover 2 Action Points for each enemy killed, until end of the turn. Really powerful ability especially if you want to kill enemies who are dying in a row. Combining with heavy or Berserker class to create a terminator build, can make you unstoppable.

Adrenaline rush

The most powerful ability from the berserker class is Adrenaline Rush, you can perform all abilities except will point abilities with cost a maximum of 1 AP until the end of the turn. However, on the next turn, you will be dazed. To prevent the daze effect you can use Armored Head mutation to the soldier.

To maximize this ability you can equip a weapon that has 3AP cost to attack such as heavy cannon, machine gun or sniper rifle. The good this is, to performing recover also costs 1AP, so you can easily recover your will point in every turn after you spent 3 AP.

Instill Frienzy

JUDGEMENT HEAD head Mutation from the priest class, you can Instils frenzy your characters within 20 tiles for 2 turns, increasing their Speed by 50% and making them immune to panic. Very useful for increasing your stats especially at the beginning of the mission.

Deploy Decoy

Deploy Decoy active ability from the infiltrator class, you can Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location,and the decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies.

Very useful for avoiding soldiers being hit by enemy attacks, make sure to put them in an uncovered position to bait the enemy. The good thing is you can deploy more than 1 decoy in every turn and It should be noted that the decoy only lasts for one turn. to perform this ability you need to spend 1 AP and 4 WP.

Ignore Pain

My favorite passive abilities from the berserker class is ignore pain, it can make you resist to panic and mind control, also make your disabled body parts remain functional. Really useful to prevent your soldier get panick when infected with a virus or psychic scream. also allows you to be able to keep using a 2-handed weapon even if your arm is disabled.

Remote control

Remote control ability from the technician class, you can take manual control of a turret, drone or vehicle.

Really powerfull when used with any auto turret as you can use it repeatedly by different technicians soldier, you can control the spider drone to explore the map and perform precision explosive. Can also be used to control vehicles, however, it cannot be used to make PX Scarabs fire more than once per turn.