Phoenix Point – Top 10 Priority Research

In order to progress through the game, research is very important element. Apart from doing main research, there are also many optional research projects to unlock cool things in the game. Today i’m going to show you my top 10 Priority reasearch that can help you to win the game in phoenix point

Haven recruitment/trade protocols

This is probably the most important research in the game, as we rely on other factions to trade, exchange resources and recruit a soldier, this research is definitely something not to be missed. This research can be unlocked at the start of the game, after you do some atmospheric analysis research

Improved Medkit Technology

You can increase the healing power of your medkit up to 50%, very useful for increasing your soldiers’ survivability in the battlefield. You can unlock this research after you kill or capture Poisonworm and do some Poisonworm Autopsy research.

Laser Weapons

Laser technology is one of my favorite technologies in the game, because It can produce many things like Laser Assault Rifle, Laser Sniper Rifle and Laser pistol, Laser Technology also played an important role in developing Laser Auto Turret and Destiny 3 laser array. What I really like about laser weapon is that they are very accurate and have a long shooting range. To unlock laser wepon technology, you must ally with Synedrion

Incendiary technology

Once you research this technology, you can unlock the Purification Grenades, what I like about this grenade it can produce fire spread effect that can easily destroy alien structures like the spawnery. The fire effect can also deal a lot of damage to enemies if they walk within the fire spread area. To unlock the Incendiary technology, you need to be ally with the new jericho

Neurotoxin Weapons technology

You need to unlock this research so you can start capturing the alien, with Synedrion Neural Pistol you can easilly paralize the enemy and reduce their AP. Really effective when you dealing with Sirens, The Pure or The Forsaken enemy that has strong armor. You need to ally with Synedrion first to unlock this research.

Anu Priest Class

Anu priest class is an excellent class to support your soldiers on the battlefield, once the reserach is done you can also get the Redeemer virus rifle, a weapon that very effective when dealing with Scylla’s by injecting virus effect that can decrease enemy will point and make them panic. To unlock Anu Priest Class, you need to be ally with Disciples of Anu.

New Jericho Aircraft Technology

In order to reach more continents and do multiple missions at once, we need more than 1 aircraft, with this research, you can unlock the Thunderbird aircraft from the new Jericho, What I like about this aircraft is that it has good speed and can carry up to 7 soldiers. Ideal capacity to carry 1 vehicle and 4 soldiers during the mission. To unlock this research, you need to be ally with the new jericho first.

Sentient AIs

As you know there is many research project in the game, with Sentient AIs, you can increase the research speed by 50%, very useful to speed up your research project. You need to ally with Synedrion first to unlock this research.

Combat Training

You can increase the efficiency of training facilities by 50%, so your soldier will gain from 2 to 3 Experience Points per hour for each training facility in the base and i suggest you to build many training facilities in one base so that your soldiers can level up more faster. To unlock this research, you need to be ally with the new jericho.

Production Robotics

You can increase the efficiency of Fabrication Plant facility up to 50%, with this research you can do manufacturing weapons, armor, equipment and vehicles more faster. To unlock this research, you need to be ally with the new jericho.