Baldur’s Gate 3 – Rogue Trickster Build Guide & Showcase / Early game

Today I will show you my level 3 Rogue Trickster Build which uses the rogue class to keep you stealthy all the time combined with the Arcane Trickster subclass, so you can cast a spell that can distract and slow down enemy movements.

ClassRogueMore info ‣
ActionCunning Action: DashMore info ‣
ActionCunning Action: HideMore info ‣
ActionSneak Attack (Ranged)More info ‣
Sub ClassArcane TricksterMore info ‣
SpellGreaseMore info ‣
SpellMinor IllusionMore info ‣
SpellFire boltMore info ‣
SpellRay of FrostMore info ‣
WeaponJoltshooterMore info ‣