Elden Ring – Winged Scythe Build Guide & Showcase / FAI

Winged Scythe is a Reaper that scale primarily with Strength, Dexterity and Faith. What I like most about this weapon besides causing blood buildup is the skill hyper armor, very effective agains Shielded enemies, a good weapon for faith and dexterity build that you can get very early in the game.


  • It can Causes Blood loss Buildup by default
  • The skill Hyper Armor is quite impresive, it make me unstopable when performing the Angel’s Wings skill.
  • It’s effective against enemies who use Shields because it can ignore 40% damage negation from blocks
  • Can be obtain very early in the game.


  • Has a shorter reach, Very easy to miss charged attacks and forcing you into close-quarters combat, so having good defense in your character is recommended
  • Not very effective against end game bosses as it has Holy damage in it.
WeaponWinged ScytheMore info ‣
Incantation 1Golden VowMore info ‣
Incantation 2Black Flame’s ProtectionMore info ‣
SealFinger sealMore info ‣
Talisman 1Dragoncrest GreatshieldMore info ‣
Talisman 2Shard of AlexanderMore info ‣
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Crystal Tear 1Opaline HardtearMore info ‣
Crystal Tear 2Holy-Shrouding Cracked TearMore info ‣
Status Level 150Vigor: 40
Mind: 25
Endurance: 28
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 50
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 50
Arcane: 10
Patch NotesNG+ / Version 1.10More info ‣