Dead Island 2 – All Legendary Weapons List

In order to survive on an island filled with zombies, players can find various weapons to use against the undead, including legendary weapons that offer unique abilities and increased power.There are several legendary weapons available in Dead Island 2, each with its own strengths and perks

WeaponHow to GetPerk

Big Shot
Complete Side Quest: It’s not your Fault‣ Boomstick
‣ Russian Roulette
‣ Speedloader

Blood Rage
Complete Quest: Fool’s Gold‣ Puncture Wound
‣ Infectious
‣ Agile

Complete Quest: Lost & Found‣ Exit Wound
‣ Bloodthirsty
‣ Tactical Reload

Emma’s Wrath
Complete the campaign‣ Overkill
‣ Shockwave
‣ Guardian

Complete Quest Lost & Found: Missing: Steve‣ Reaper
‣ Tear’n Sear
‣ Vampire

Party Starter
Complete Quest Lost & Found: Drunk and Disorderly‣ Spitting Fire
‣ Skilled
‣ Weighted

The Brutalizer
Complete Side Quest: Body Art‣ Bloodlust
‣ Contagious
‣ Reinforced

The One
Complete Side Quest: Beacon of Hope‣ Headhunter
‣ Swift Blow
‣ Guardian