Elden Ring – Bloodhound’s Fang, DLC Build Patch 1.10.1 Guide & Showcase / DEX

Bloodhound’s Fang is a Curved Greatsword that scale primarily with Strength and Dexterity. This is one of the best weapon in elden ring that can boost your jump attack power. It’s offers a unique skill to engage and disengage from enemies. Outstanding weapon for dexterity build to inject bloodlost build up that you can get very early in the game.


  • It has Bleed Build up by default, can be buffed with magic and consumables also boost your jump attack power
  • The skill follow up attack can make you momentarily invisible, which can be useful to dodge incoming attacks.
  • You can get this weapon very early in the game.

Combine with Bloodflame Blade incantation to buff my weapon with fire and increase the blood lost buildup even more.


  • Stamina Hungry especialy when you perform Bloodhound’s Finesse Skill
WeaponBloodhound’s FangMore info ‣
Incantation 1Golden VowMore info ‣
Incantation 2Flame, Grant Me StrengthMore info ‣
Incantation 3Bloodflame BladeMore info ‣
SealFinger sealMore info ‣
Talisman 1Ritual Sword TalismanMore info ‣
Talisman 2Shard of AlexanderMore info ‣
Talisman 3Lord of Blood’s ExultationMore info ‣
Talisman 4Claw TalismanMore info ‣
ArmorRaptor’s Black Feathers / White MaskMore info ‣
Crystal Tear 1Opaline HardtearMore info ‣
Crystal Tear 2Greenburst Crystal TearMore info ‣
Status Level 150Vigor: 40
Mind: 24
Endurance: 28
Strength: 36
Dexterity: 56
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 25
Arcane: 10
Patch NotesNG+ / Version 1.10.1More info ‣