Elden Ring – Grave Scythe / Cold Stromcaller Build Guide & Showcase

Grave Scythe is a Reaper that scale primarily with Strength and Dexterity. Combine with stormcaller and choose cold as main weapon affinity, you can spin your weapon to create surrounding storm winds.

WeaponGrave ScytheMore info ‣ 
Ash of WarStormcallerMore info ‣ 
Incantation 1Golden VowMore info ‣ 
Incantation 2Black Flame’s ProtectionMore info ‣ 
SealFinger sealMore info ‣ 
Crystal Tear 1Opaline HardtearMore info ‣ 
Crystal Tear 2Greenburst Crystal TearMore info ‣ 
Talisman 1Bull-Goat’s TalismanMore info ‣ 
Talisman 2Shard of AlexanderMore info ‣ 
Talisman 3Dragoncrest GreatshieldMore info ‣ 
Talisman 4Green Turtle TalismanMore info ‣ 
ArmorBlaidd’s ArmorMore info ‣ 
Level 150
Vigor: 40
Mind: 26
Endurance: 32
Strength: 66
Dexterity: 15
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 30
Arcane: 10
Patch NotesNG+ / Version 1.10More info ‣