Elden Ring – Millicent Quest Guide / How to Get Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and All Rewards

Millicent is an NPC that has a side quest to complete in Elden Ring, just by doing her questline you can also get some weapons, talisman, and Incantation, also unlock some sorcery along the way.

1The Millicent questline start by speaking with Gowry in his shack.
2Kill Commander on neil located in the Swamp of Aeonia, you will get Commander’s Standard weapon after defeating him.
3Back to Gowry in his shack and give the Unalloyed Gold Needle to him.
4Wait for a moment by Rest in site of grace and speak with him again
5Bring the needle to Millicent at the Church of the Plague.
6Rest in site of grace
7Speak to Millicent again and get Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom from her.
8Rest in site of grace
9Meet Millicent at Gowry shack
10Rest in site of grace one more time.
11Speak with Gowry in his shack to unlock his shop.
12Grab the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis at The Shaded Castle
13Meet with Millicent near Erdtree Gazing hill site of grace and give the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis to her.
14Go to Windmill Village to defeat Godskin Apostle, you will get Godskin Peeler and Scouring Black Flame incantation after defeating him.
15Rest in site of grace
16Speak to Millicent around this area
17You can choose to kill her to get Millicent’s Prosthesis early and kill Gowry in his shack to get Flock’s Canvas Talisman to end her questline. If you want to get Rotten Winged Sword Insignia talisman then you can continue her questline by Speak to her near Ancient Snow Valley ruins site of grace in Mountaintops of the Giants.
18She will move again to the Prayer Room site of grace in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.
19Kill the Ulcerated Tree Spirit mini boss to progress her quesline.
20Once you defeat the mini-boss, there will be two summon signs, you can choose to Help her to defeat her sister and get Rotten Winged Sword Insignia or Kill her to get Millicent’s Prosthesis.
21If you chose to help Millicent, you need to reload the area to grab The Unalloyed Gold Needle on the ground, you can use this at the flower in Malenia’s arena in order to receive Miquella’s Needle, as well as a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.
22To end her questline you can go back to Gowry in his shack to get Flock’s Canvas Talisman and Gowry’s Bell Bearing by killing him or you can grab it on the ground next to his dead body.