Elden Ring – Mohgwyns Sacred Spear Build // Dragon Slayer Build Guide // Level 150

In this build I will use Mohgwyns Sacred Spear as my main weapon and use Bloodboon Ritual weapon skill to create an explosion of blood around you.

WeaponMohgwyns Sacred Spear
Seal Finger Seal
IncantationFlame, Grant Me Strength
Crystal Tear 1Opaline Hardtear
Crystal Tear 2Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Talisman 1Carian Filigreed Crest
Talisman 2Shard of Alexander
Talisman 3Dragoncrest Greatshield
Talisman 4Lord of Blood’s Exultation
ArmorNight’s Cavalry Set / Silver Tear Mask / White Mask
StatusVigor: 45
Mind: 25
Endurance: 22
Strength: 24
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 15
Arcane: 74