Elden Ring – Onyx Lord’s Greatsword / Gravity Build Guide & Showcase I STR

Onyx Lord’s Greatsword is a Curved Greatsword that scale primarily with Intelligence, Dexterity and Strength. This weapon has weapon skill called Onyx Lord’s Repulsion, with this skill you can Thrust your weapon into the ground to create a gravity well. Apart from causing 24 of poise damage, this attack can also push enemies away.

What i like about this weapon

  • It can deals +20% damage to gravity type enemies such as Onyx Lords, astel or Fallingstar Beast
  • I find this weapon’s range, poise damage, and hyper armor to be quite good. make it a great choice for aggressive playstyles.
  • However this weapon is a bit slower than I prefer, and the stamina drain can be noticeable. Additionally, the 27 FP consumtion for weapon skill is little bit to much for me.

Other than that, this weapon can defeat early and middle game bosses without any trouble.

WeaponOnyx Lord’s GreatswordMore info ‣
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Status Level 150Vigor: 40
Mind: 25
Endurance: 32
Strength: 60
Dexterity: 16
Intelligence: 16
Faith: 30
Arcane: 10
Patch NotesNG+ / Version 1.10More info ‣