Elden Ring – Ruins Greatsword, DLC Build Patch 1.10.1 Build Guide & Showcase / STR

Ruins Greatsword is a Colossal Sword that scale primarily with Strength and Intelligence. It’s Unique Charge Attack and the Wave of Destruction skill that can deal massive physical damage, make this a phenomenal weapon for strength build to stagger and destroy everything in sight.


  • It can Deal Magic and Physical Damage
  • It has Unique Charge Attack that cause a small burst of gravity magic upon slamming the ground, that potentially Stagger the enemy
  • The wave of Destruction skill has good range that allows you to attack enemies from a safer distance
  • Good for Crowd Control situation to stagger groups of enemies.


  • Slow and has Short Reach
  • Requires high strength requirements at 50
  • It’s consider the Heaviest weapon in Colossal Sword type with 23 in weight, so wearing Great-Jar’s Arsenal is recommended to increase your equip load.
WeaponRuins GreatswordMore info ‣
Incantation 1Golden VowMore info ‣
Incantation 2Black Flame’s ProtectionMore info ‣
SealFinger sealMore info ‣
Talisman 1Ritual Sword TalismanMore info ‣
Talisman 2Shard of AlexanderMore info ‣
Talisman 3Great-Jar’s ArsenalMore info ‣
Talisman 4Axe TalismanMore info ‣
ArmorCrucible Axe SetMore info ‣
Crystal Tear 1Spiked Cracked TearMore info ‣
Crystal Tear 2Greenburst Crystal TearMore info ‣
Status Level 150Vigor: 40
Mind: 24
Endurance: 32
Strength: 72
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 16
Faith: 25
Arcane: 10
Patch NotesNG+ / Version 1.10.1More info ‣