Elden Ring – Troll’s Hammer / Troll’s Roar, Insane Stagger Build Guide & Showcase I STR

This weapon has weapon skill called Troll’s Roar, with this skill you lets out a powerful roar: The roar generates a shockwave that knocks back surrounding enemies, you can also performing a followup slam attack by pressing the charge attack button.

What i like about this weapon:

  • Beside Inflict physical damage, this weapon can also inflicts fire damage to the enemy.
  • it can create devastating Stagger damage especially when you do follow up attack by pressing the charge attack button.
  • Not only that the roar can also knock back small enemy, make it easiy for you to performing follow up attack.
  • by wearing Roar Medallion you can increase the roar damage by 15%.

However this weapon is:

  • Extremetly Slow and Stamina Hungry, so wearing talisman like Green Turtle Talisman or consume Pickled Turtle Neck is recommended to increase your stamina recovery speed.

Overall, what i like the most about this weapon it can dealt enourmous stance damage to the enemy, absolutelly power house weapon to break enemy stance.

WeaponTroll’s HammerMore info ‣
Incantation 1Golden VowMore info ‣
Incantation 2Black Flame’s ProtectionMore info ‣
SealFinger sealMore info ‣
Talisman 1Shard of AlexanderMore info ‣
Talisman 2Dragoncrest GreatshieldMore info ‣
Talisman 3Roar MedallionMore info ‣
Talisman 4Dagger TalismanMore info ‣
ArmorCrucible Axe SetMore info ‣
Crystal Tear 1Opaline HardtearMore info ‣
Crystal Tear 2Greenburst Crystal TearMore info ‣
Status Level 150Vigor: 40
Mind: 24
Endurance: 32
Strength: 73
Dexterity: 10
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 30
Arcane: 10
Patch NotesNG+ / Version 1.10More info ‣