Elden Ring DLC – How to Defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight in 1 MINUTE

Rellana, Twin Moon Knight is one of legendary boss in Shadow of the erdtree, She has fast combos that can deal both physical and magic damage. Somehow it really hard to escape from her since she also has a long range attack using magic projectiles.

In order to beat her i recommend you to reach at least Scadutree Blessing level 4.
In this method i using Grafted Blade Greatsword and utilize the Oath of Vengeance skill to boost my poise for 5 seconds and grants super armor that make you unstoppable to make an attack.

  • For build i recomend you to wear high defense armor such as tree sentinel set.
  • Try to increase your physical defence by wearing Dragoncrest Greatshield, cosume Opaline Hardtear and cast Black Flame’s Protection
  • also increasing you stamina recovery speed by wearing Green Turtle Talisman and consume Greenburst Crystal Tear.

Basically you need to make your character as tankie as posible to withstand enemy attacks.
Casting Blessing’s Boon incantation and wear Assassin’s Crimson Dagger also helpfull to regenerate your health during the battle.

The way this build work is first wait a moment for her to make an attack then start perform the Oath of Vengeance skill to make you unstopable and directly do charge attack. it took about 3 Full charge attack and 1 normal attack to stagger her. The moment she stagger, there is a bit time for you to restore your health and start do riptose. so use that time as your advantage.

after she lay down, you can do another charge attack.. then use your skill, charge attack and normal attack, wait for a moment to regenerate your stamina and do riptose.