Phoenix Point – Mind control Build Guide & Showcase [Priest + Infiltrator]

in this build, I will use Priest class combine with infiltrator Class and use mind control ability. if you are looking for the save way to control the enemy to kill each other, then this build is for you, so let’s get started.

Priest Class

With priest class, you can perform mind control ability also apply Synod Head mutation to your soldier. It’s sould be noted you have to choose Priest class as you first class to grant +8 will point

Mind controlMind control is the key ability for this build, you can control of an enemy with WP cost equal to enemy’s current WP also Costs 1-10 WPs per turn to maintain, depending on target type. You can decrease enemy will point drastically by shooting his head before performing mind control ability.

Because we rely on will points, I suggest you to invest more to increasing your willpoint, the higher willpoint you have the better, the good thing is when the enemy is in your control, as you attack the enemy, they will ignore you even though they know the enemy are within your control, however the overwatch and return fire still apply if you walk within enemy overwatch area or hit the enemy that have return fire ability.

Another thing is, be selective when choosing your suspect because not only they have different will point to maintain they also have different way to attack and you don’t want to running out of ammo to kill the enemy. My advice is to choose an enemy that doesn’t need ammunition to attack but instead choosing enemy that can do melle attack, spitting poison or acid like The Arthron Brute or Sirens.

Infiltrator Class

For a multiclass soldier, we can choose Infiltrator class so we can perform deploy decoy and vanish ability

Deploy DecoyWith Deploy Decoy active ability, you can Deploy holographic decoy at the chosen location, The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies, very useful for attracting enemies to come near you then performing mind contol ability or to avoiding soldiers being hit by enemy attacks, make sure to put them in an uncovered position to bait the enemy.

The good thing is you can deploy more than 1 decoy in every turn and It should be noted that the decoy only lasts for one turn. to perform this ability you need to spend 1 AP and 4 WP.
VanishNext is Active ability Vanish make the soldier move within 5 tiles and dissapear from view for the next turn, if this ability is activated, the soldier can also avoid enemy overwatch and return fire, very useful ability to make you disappear instantly from the enemy’s sight.

Body Augmentation & Mutation

Synod HeadAnother key ability for this build is Synod Head mutation, it will Grant Living allied units within 7 tiles recover 2 Will Points at the start of turn. also Grants you +4 WP
Propeller LegsPropeller Legs body augmentation so you can Leap up to 9 tiles to target location
useful for reaching higher places to get a better position to hide

How it Works

The way this build works is, first you can perform mind control ability to control nearby enemy within your reach then perform vanish ability to dissapear instantly and go hide.

From here you can continue to use deploy decoy abilities to distract the enemy or stay hidden and do nothing if the enemy doesn’t notice you, while your puppet do the rest to killing enemies, make sure all of your squad is near each other so they can replenish each other willpoint in every turn.

Soldier Perks

There are additional traits that can support these builds and make them stronger on the battlefield, so make sure to recruit soldiers who have special traits that can support these builds, especially to increase their will and stealthiness

FarsightedWith Farsighted perk you can get Additional +2 to willpower and 10 perception
ThiefNext is thieft perk you can grand 25% bonus stealth and +1 speed