Phoenix Point – Sniper Accuracy Build Guide & Showcase [Sniper + Infiltrator]

Today i will show you how to create Sniper Build, in this build, I will use Sniper class combine with Infiltrator Class and use a sniper rifle as your main weapon. If you are looking for an accuracy build to attack enemies more precisely from a distance, then this build is for you.

Sniper Class

With Sniper class you can be proficient with a sniper rifle and utilize quick aim ability, also take the benefit of Master marksman to increase your accuracy

Quick AimWith quick aim ability, you can reduce the action point cost of the next shot by 1 when using a proficient weapon. with 3 will point cost, you can perform a sniper attack using 2 AP. So with 6 will points to spend in every turn you can do 2 times sniper attacks on the enemy.
Master marksmanNext is Master marksman’s passive ability, which can increase weapon accuracy up to 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles.
make sure to keep your distance from the enemy, so you can aim more precisely on the battlefield. You will see an icon above the soldier when the ability is activated

Infiltrator Class

For a multiclass soldier, we can choose infiltrator class so we can perform deploy decoy and Spider drone pack ability

Deploy DecoyWith Deploy Decoy active ability, you can Deploy a holographic decoy at the chosen location, The decoy is treated as a real target by all enemies.
Very useful for avoiding soldiers being hit by enemy attacks, so make sure to put them in an uncovered position to bait the enemy, to perform this ability you need to spend 1 AP and 4 WP.
Spider Drone PackYou can deploy up to 3 spider drones with one action. We can use this tool to spot the enemy without being spotted.


To maximize your accuracy we can use Acheron Helmet, Neural Torso body Augmentations, and Stomper Legs mutation

Acheron HelmetAcheron Helmet you can increase your accuracy up to 10%
Neural TorsoNeural torso body Augmentations you can increase your accuracy up to 8%
Stomper LegsStomper Legs mutation you can grand up to 12% more accuracy to the soldier


For weapon we can use the sniper that has long shooting range such as

Synedrion Laser Sniper RifleSynedrion Laser Sniper Rifle which has an Effective Range of 63, the highest range in its class
Synedrion Neural Sniper Riflewe can also uses Synedrion Neural Sniper Rifle, so you can inject 16 Paralysis damage to enemies. Very effective when dealing with the forsaken enemy who has strong armor.
Arachni SP IDon’t forget to bring a Synedrion Spider Drone pistol, Arachni SP I. so you can deploy the spider drones to spot and distract the enemy during the mission

How it Works

The way these build works is, that at the beginning of the mission you can deploy a spider drone to detect the enemy’s location, then use your sniper to hit the enemy. You can choose to disable their body parts, destroy their weapon or paralyze them to reduce their AP. Paralyze weapon is really effective especially when dealing with snipers and heavy that need 3 AP to attack or when dealing with the forshaken enemy that has strong armor.

You can also use the deploy decoy ability in your turn to distract the enemy and avoid the soldiers from getting hit by enemy attacks

Soldier Perk

There are additional traits that can support these builds and make them stronger on the battlefield, so make sure to recruit soldiers who have special traits that can support these builds, especially to increase their accuracy.

CautiousCautions, you can increase up to 20% bonus accuracy and -10% damage dealt
FarsightedFarsighted perk, you can grand an Additional +2 to willpower and 10 perception
SniperistSniperist, you will Gain sniper rifle proficiency with +25% damage and -4 willpower

In total, if all soldiers have this requirement, you will have at least 50% accuracy plus 30% more accuracy from Master marksman passive ability when activated during the mission.

You can apply this build to all of your soldiers the more the better