Phoenix Point – Tech Build Guide & Showcase [Technician + Assault]

In this build, I will use technician class combine with assault class and use dash ability to deploy turret all over the map.

if you’re looking for the highest damage per strike using a turret, especially when you are dealing with Scylla this post can help you do that, so let’s get started

Technician Class

For Technician class we need to use remote deployment and Remote control ability

Remote deploymentWith remote Deployment, you can throw and deploy a turret in a radius of 10 tiles with a cost of 1 action point, so you can get a better position for turret to make an attack.
Remote controlYou can take manual control of a turret, drone or vehicle. Really powerfull when used with any auto turret as you can use it repeatedly by different technicians soldier. It should be noted that your soldier will not get additional will points if you kill the enemy with a turret.
New Jericho Mech ArmsYou can Wear the new Jericho Mech Arms for healing and turret repair

Assault Class

For multiclass soldier, we can choose assault class so we can perform Dash and Ready for action ability

DashWith dash ability you will be able Move to a target position within half of the normal movement range, really usefull i you want to get close to the enemy to deploy a turret.
Ready for actionWith Ready for action pasive ability the soldier can do free Reloading and do inventory management without speending action point on the battlefield. So you can deploy up to 4 turret every turn if you don’t do other action like healing or moving places

Soldier Perks

There is Additional traits that can support this build and make them stronger on the battlefield, So make sure to recruit soldiers who have special traits that support this build

ResourcefulWith Resourcefull perk you can get 25% bonus carry weight and +2 strength, so you can bring more stuff in your inventory.
HealerYou can increase healing rate up to 30% and get +2 willpower, really useful when it come for healing your team

Body Augmentation

For augumentation we can use Neural Torso and Propeller Legs

Neural TorsoWith Neural Torso you Can increase your weight without causing movement penalty, so you can bring lot’s of stuff in your inventory. and if you combine with ready for action ability from assault class you can do inventory management without spending AP, which is really powerfull because you can deploy up to 4 turrets in every turn
Propeller LegsWith Propeller Legs you can Leap to the target location with max 9 tiles also grants additional +3 Speed, which really useful if you want to get a better position to deploy a turret
SpeedI recommend investing enough speed and injecting instill frenzy to your soldier so you can move further on the battlefield for turret deployment
Support TeamFor the support team, I suggest you use priest and multiclass with the technician because the priest is a soldier who has the highest will in the game, if you invest enough will point combine with judgment head mutation and a farsighted perk you can get up to 34 will from the priest itself, so you can do remote control ability over and over again also you can inject instill frenzy to all of your team so they can move further on the battlefield.

You can apply this build to at least 2 soldiers and another soldier can be the support team