Phoenix Point – Early Game Build Guide & Showcase [Assault + Sniper]

Hello everyone, in this post i will show you on how to create the best early game build in Phoenix Point, In this build, I will use assault class combined with sniper class and utilize quick aim ability to reduce AP cost when using proficient weapon and use vehicle to transport the soldier.

if you are looking for the best early game builds that are easy to create as they require the least amount of SP points to spend, this build is good for you, so let’s get started.

Sniper Class

The keypoint for this build is to use quick aim ability from sniper class

Quick AimWith Quick aim ability you can reduce action point cost of the next shot by 1 when using a proficient weapon. so you can make more attack in every turn especially when using sub machine gun, shot gun or pistol. to perform this ability you need to spend 3 will point in each attack.

Assault Class

Assault trainingMulticlass with assault class, you will be proficient with assault rifles and shotguns

Soldier Perks

TrooperGain assault rifle proficiency with +10% damage and +20% accuracy
BiochemisWith Biochemis perk, your attack can Inject viral damage to the enemy especially when using Burst weapon such as machine gun, sub machine gun or shotgun
WillpointFor will point I recommend you to have at least 9 will points in every soldier, so you can make more attacks by using 1 AP with quick aim ability

Weapon & Vehicle

Assault Rifle / ShotgunYou can use any weapon that cost 2 AP like Assault Rifle / Shotgun.
ArmadilloSince we only focus on spending soldiers’ SP to increase willpoint, that’s why we need to use vehicles for transportation and prevent our soldier get hit by the enemy. it should be noted you need to spend 2 AP just to get out of the vehicle itself. Armadillo is a good choice because it has 4 capacities and good speed.

Because the vehicle can only carry up to 4 soldiers you can apply this build to all of them