Remnant 2 – How to Get MP60-R / Best Early Game Submachine Gun

MP6O-R small-caliber submachine gun best suited for close range combat.Its compact size and high rate of fire make it ideal for skirmishes and cramped environments where maneuverability is key.

This weapon is Starting equipment for the Summoner Archetype or Can be obtained very early in the game inside a chest in Ford’s office, Ward 13.

Step 1

Meet Ford just outside the Old Ward Gate, after you choose your archetype class and interact with Brabus, Ava McCabe and Rigs.

Step 2

He Will Give you the Flashlight

Step 3

Inspect it to learn the number. (0415)

Step 4

Return to Ford’s office and open the chest using the number listed in Flashlight (0415) then grab the Cargo Control Key.

Step 5

From the big red World Stone in Ward 13, Head towards the Old Ward Gate when the road starts to go downhill, look to the right for a gap in the fence – that’s where you need to go.

Step 6

Keep following the path through the containers and you’ll eventually find a door.

Step 7

Open the door with the Cargo Control Key, and in the next room you’ll find the MP60-R SMG laying on the table.