Elden Ring – Rune Farming exploit New Game, lvl 1 to 25 in 11 MINUTES + Get Bloodhound’s Step

How to start your new journey on Level 25 + Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step in 11 minutes.

STEP 1: Gatefront

Go to Gatefront site of grace to meet with melina to unlock Torrent

STEP 2: Bestial Sanctum

Use waygate near Third Church of Marika and it will teleports you to the Bestial Sanctum

STEP 3: Lenne’s Rise

Go to Lenne’s Rise Site of grace, and passtime until nighfall to kill Night’s Cavalry.

STEP 4: Night’s Cavalry

Lure him to the side of the bridge and wait for him to jump to attack you,

his attacks will instantly kill you and also make him fall into a cliff for instant death. As a reward for your sacrifice, you will get 42K runes and Ash of War: Bloodhounds Step, don’t forget to collect it after you respawn.