Phoenix Point – How to get Scorpion // High damage, unlimited ammo sniper rifle

Scorpion, Ancient tech Sniper Rifle is a sniper weapon with the highest damage in the game, very strong and has unlimited ammo, a very powerfull weapon to hit enemy body armor as it has high Pierce damage in it.

First things first to get this weapon, you must activate the Legacy of the Ancients DLC in the game.
To unlock The scorpion ancient weapons research, you need to do a blueprint mission.The Scorpion blueprint missions will be unlocked after you do The mattoc, The shard gun and the Rebuke blueprint mission.

To manufacture this weapon you need to combines all three of the exotic materials and also have all three different processing sites.In order to obtain these materials, you need to collect them from the Ancient Site.

By building Archaeology Lab facility, you can manufacture and launch archaeology probes to find the location of the ancient site, then do Excavate the Ancient Site by spending some resources and start taking control of it. Be careful the ancient site is one of the most difficult missions in the game, make sure all your soldiers if fully prepared.

There are up to 12 ancient sites divided into 2 different categories which is resource collection sites and processing sites

  • Resource collection sites have 3 different types such as Living Crystal Quarry, Orichalcum Mine and Protean Mutane Field.
  • Processing site also have 3 different types such as The Living Crystal Lapidary, The Orichalcum Forge and The Protean Mutane Refinery.

After you can take control of it, you can start to collect resources, it should be noted you need to have manned aircraft there for some time, so having multiple aircraft is highly recommended.
Once you get enough resources and have all three different type of processing sites, now you can start manufacturing the Scorpion, Ancient tech Sniper Rifle.