Phoenix Point – Tank Build Guide & Showcase [Berserker + Heavy]

Hello everyone, in this post i will show you on how to create Tank build in Phoenix Point, In this build, I will use berserker class combined with heavy class which has very strong armor and be able to use jet jump abilities as well as mounted weapon.

if you looking for the tankie soldier for close-range combat who is really hard to be knocked out, this build is perfect for you, so let’s get started.

Berserker Class

For Berserker class we need to use Ignore pain, Close quarters evade and Adrenaline rush.

Ignore painWith ignore pain pasive ability can make you resist to panic and mind control, also make your disabled body parts remain functional. Really useful to prevent your soldier get panick when infected with a virus or psychic scream, also allows you to be able to keep using a 2-handed weapon even if your arm is disabled.
Close quarters evadeWith Close Quarters evade make an attacks from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage. very useful to increase your defense in this build.
Adrenaline rushWith Adrenaline Rush you can perform all abilities except will point abilities with cost a maximum of 1 AP until the end of the turn. However, on the next turn, you will be dazed. To prevent the daze effect you can use Armored Head mutation to the soldier. To maximize this ability you can equip a weapon that has 3AP cost to attack such as a machine gun, heavy cannon or sniper rifle. The good this is, to performing recover also costs 1AP, so you can easily recover your will point in every turn after you spent 3 AP.

Heavy Class

For Heavy class you can use jet jump, mounted weapon also perform war cry and inspire ability

Jet Jumpwith jet jump ability, can help you to reach high ground and get close to the enemy easily, also use a mounted weapons such as destiny 3 on your shoulder.
War CryWar Cry ability to reduce AP cost for nearby enemy, very usefull to reduce enemy attack.
InspireOptional ability that i recommend to have is inspire, with this pasive ability your squad will grant 1 additional will point per kill.

Body Mutation

Armored HeadArmored head is an essential Mutation head if you want to prevent the daze effect after performing adrenaline rush ability, also it can grant 1 additional strength point to your soldier.
Stomper LegsStomper Legs you can get 30 armor, +12% accuracy and 1 additional strength point.

Soldier Perks

Recklesswith reckless perk you can increase 10% damage dealt and -10% accuracy.
StrongmanIt can gain heavy weapons proficiency with +20% accuracy and -15 perception, +2 strength
BiochemisWith Biochemis perk, your attack can Inject viral damage to the enemy especially when using Burst weapon such as machine gun, sub machine gun or shotgun
StrengthI recommend you to invest enough in strength so you can increase your health and be able to bring lots of stuff in your inventory such as ammo and medikit.
WillpointInvest enough will point so that you can perform jet jump, war cry and adrenaline rush ability, at least 10 will point, combine with pasive ability inspire to replenish your will-point should be enough

Weapon & Armor

Heavy CannonFor weapons I like to use heavy cannons because it has an additional daze effect in it or you can use the new jericho machine gun if your soldiers have Biochemis perk to inject more virus damage in each bullet.
Anvil-2 Body Armorto increase your armor I recommend you to use Anvil-2 Body Armor from the new Jericho, it grants you 40 armor, also you can perform jet jump ability and mounted weapon
MedikitBecause your soldier will consistanly get hit by the enemy, i recomend you to bring at least 2 medikit in every soldier.

You can apply this build to all your squads, the more the better.