Phoenix Point – Terminator Build Guide & Showcase // Early-Middle Game [Assault + Heavy]

Hello everyone, in this post i will show you how to create a terminator build in Phoenix Point, I will use a melee as the main weapon because it is capable of dealing massive damage even to the toughest armors, also it can cause a daze effect to the enemy and we don’t have to worry about running out of ammo.

Because it’s terminator build I only maximize the skill for one soldier which is assault class and heavy as his additional class also use body augmentation so the soldier can be proficient with a melee weapon. in total, we will build a soldier who has 3 classes in weapon proficiency

Assault Class

For assault class we need to use dash and rapid clearance ability.

DashTo get close to the enemy, especially when starting our first attack we need to use dash ability, this ability allows the soldier to move up to half of the movement range using 1 AP and 3 Will points. if you can combine with speed and instill frenzy it can make the soldier can move really far on the battlefield, However, it is only limited to 2 uses per turn so make sure to use it wisely
Rapid Clearancethe most important ability for this build is Rapid clearance, it will Recover 2 Action Points for each enemy killed, until end of the turn. Because to perform a melle attack using combat matrix only cost 1AP, we can maximize the benefits of this ability to make a continuous attack chain to all enemies.

Heavy Class

Now we need to have additional classes for this build, and heavy class is a good choice for this one because we need to use the brawler , Inspire and rage burst abilities.

BrawlerWith brawler ability the soldier can increase their melee attacks up to 50% more damage to the enemy, a skill that is almost the same as Bloodlust owned by the berserker class in terms of damage effect, but we don’t need to sacrifice HP to activate it.
InspireAnother one is Inspire pasive ability, because you constinously killing the enemy you can also grants your allies 1 additional will point per kill. Really Useful to replenish WP of the other operatives in the squad
Rage burstit will Shoot 5 times spread across an arc with a direct-fire weapon until you run out of ammo. we can use this ability, especially when dealing with Scylla or Chiron that have higher hp. so we need to use a shotgun or machine gun to maximize the impact. However this is optional ability for this build, probably it will take a long time to learn this skill especially if you still in the middle of the game.

Body Augmentation

Vengeance torsoThis is the key point for this build, with Vengeance torso, you can be proficient with a melee weapon and only use 1 AP to make an attack, this ability also represents Adrenaline rush from berserker class but without getting side effects like dazed and accuracy reduction for the next turn.
Mirage LegsThe second augmentation that you need to consider to apply is mirage legs because when using melee as the main weapon then soldier will consistently move around to get close to the enemy so they need to use shadows step ability to avoid enemy overwatch

Soldier Perks

Close quarters specialistGain shotgun proficiency with +20% accuracy and melee weapon proficiency with +20% damage
Reckless10% bonus damage dealt and -10% accuracy
BiochemistBiochemist perks are optional, however, I like to recruit a soldier who has this perk because it can inject viral damage when they are attacking the enemy, really effective when using it with a burst weapon such as a shotgun or machine gun.
Instill Fiendzy / SpeedI recommend you to invest soldier speed, with good speed points you can go as far as you can to get close to the enemy and make a continuous attack and if you combine with instill frenzy, can make your soldier move really far on the battlefield.


Scyther / Mattock of the Ancients / Phoenix Shock Lance / Marduk’s FistFor melle weapon we can use the best melle weapon in the game such as Scyther, Mattock of the Ancients or Phoenix Shock Lance, however if you still in the middle of the game and need more time to gather that weapon, you can still use Marduk’s Fist.

The big advantages of melee weapons are the high damage per strike, which guarantees easily overcoming the toughest armors, it also has a special additional effects like piercing, bleeding, or shock damage to the enemy.

I recommend bringing two types of melee weapons that have an additional effect like bleeding, especially when dealing with venom or acid Myrmidon because they will explode when they die, if the bleeding effect is high enough they will die on the next turn. so you have the opportunity to keep your distance from them. also have additional weapons in your inventory such as a shotgun or machine guns to perform rage burst ability especially when dealing with scila or chyron that has higher hp, also be careful when dealing enemy that has Tentacle Torso mutation because they will do counter-attack and make you paralyzed if your first attack doesn’t kill them.

To apply this, we need to bring a priest who can help inject instill frenzy to our soldier so he can move far on the battlefield, also have additional assault soldier who can support and perform onslaught ability to help the terminator to recover his AP on the battlefield.